Tallahassee Tumbling Tots

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Friday, January 25, 1952 - Panama City, Florida

First Row (L to R): Diane Vaughn, Nancy Lamb, Carol Edmondson, Carole Laing, Donna Duke, Linda Carswell

Second Row: Evelyn Laing, Mary Cummins, Karol Anne Kuersteiner, Deeanne Dedge, Yvonne Russ, Barbara Beasley

Third Row: Brent Prechard, Larry Jim Groce, Jack Carswell, Barbara Lewis

Barbara Cummins - standing behind Larry Jim



Early fifties. Posing and practicing, at the Armory and FSU's Landis Green

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L-R, Front Row; Paula Mullins with Diane Vaughn on her shoulders

Second Row;Janelle Thompson, Carolyn Slusher, Linda Carswell, Diane Vaughn, Unkn, Unkn, Charlene Thompson

Third Row; Claire Essig (Traynor) above Diane Vaughn and with Marilyn Slusher on her shoulders

Fourth Row; Unkn, Marilyn Slusher, Unkn

Fifth Row; Unkn.


1951: Nancy Lamb Durocher on the wire being steadied by Mary McNatt Yates

Sitting; Unknown, Donna Duke, Diane Vaughn, Mary Cummkngs Kidd, Karol Anne Kuersteiner Brewer, Linda Carswell

Standing; Lou McCall, Jack Carswell, Carol Edmundson.

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