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Doak Cambell Stadium

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L:Men's Gymnastics - First Champions

R: Women's Gymnastics and Gymkana

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At the suggestion of several of our alumni and after polling our commemorative project committee, we have redirected our efforts to honor our past participants in competitive gymnastics and the Gymkana productions.  We will be funding the creation of two stained glass panels to be installed in Dodd Hall, which you may remember as the Graduate Library.  While some would have preferred to have a stand- alone statue designed and executed by Ed Jonas within the Legacy Walk on campus, I think this will be a very desirable alternative and it will be within our fund raising capabilities.  Ed will still be involved in the technical and artistic input for this new project.  We are indebted to Ed for his preliminary design of the original project and for his assistance in leading us through the proper channels of the FSU administration to make all of this possible.

On Friday February 10, Donna McHugh, Assistant VP for Community Relations arranged a tour of Dodd Hall and the Master Craftsman Studio.  Also in attendance were Eddie Woodward, Heritage Protocol Archivist, Wayne Spinks, Director of the Master Craftsman Studio, and Sarah Coakely, Public Relations for the Studio. Ed Jonas and Barbara Withers also joined us.

As you can tell from Mike Mann's excellent photographs and web page creation, Dodd Hall has been beautifully remodeled to display memorabilia, photographs and features the stained glass panels commemorating past graduating classes,  dignitaries, traditions and organizations in FSU's history.  We have made preliminary plans for this year's reunion attendees to visit this facility.  When our panels are installed, there will be a ceremony to which all will be invited.

We were very impressed with the creations of the Studio.  They work in a variety of media, not just stained glass.  We met with Chris Horne who will be our primary artist.  He is presently working on a panel that will portray Chief Osceola's flaming spear penetrating the turf in the pre-game ceremony at the home games.  The detail of his work is spectacular.  I am confident he will create and execute an appealing work based upon the input we have submitted.

I tried to convey to the staff the rich history and accomplishments of the early teams as well as the impact of the Gymkana shows on the campus. They were given a stack of old Gymkana programs and some generic gymnastics action photographs, photographs of the first two NCAA trophies and the half time ceremony at the football game several years ago. We encouraged the artist to peruse the web site for more history, photographs and material that may help stimulate the creative process.

There are several panels in progress ahead of ours, but optimistically we will have some sketches of what they propose by reunion time.  As you will note, all previous and future work will be based upon a circular pattern within the larger rectangles.

As indicated we will have two panels.  One will focus on the theme of "First Champions" and will feature the men's gymnastics; the second will portray Gymkana and Women's gymnastics.  At this writing, we will be assigned the lower portion of window #05 which already contains representations of Varsity Athletics, and the Seminole Boosters.

We will need additional contributions to make this all possible.  Ultimately, contributors will be named on a plaque under our window.

Contributions by check should be made out to the FSU Foundation; Commemorative Gymnastics Fund #F7249


Mail to:   Tessa R. Smith

                Director of Development

                Florida State University Foundation

                2010 Levy Avenue., Bldg B, Ste 300

                Tallahassee, Florida 32306-2739

Bill Beavers

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Dodd Hall

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