Check Your Interent Connection Speed

"Speakeasy" Test Site

Click Speakeasy Speed Test

This will take you to the "Speakeasy" speed test site

"Speakeasy" will display a page with a list of city names which it has servers located.

The "" server is located in Los Angeles so that would be a good test location

however, you have the option of choosing others

"Speakeasy" will then test both your download and upload speed to it's Internet server in the chosen citiy.

The service is free and you have the option of trying several cities if you like

This will give you the necessary amunition to take on your Internet Service Provider (ISP) if you don't think your speed is what it should be.

Note that your upload speed is normally considerably less than the download speed

"Speed Test" Test Site

Click Test your Internet connection speed at

It will display a map with pyramids indicating cities where test servers are located.

Run your cursor over a pyramid to identify the city.

Click the pyramid to test to the speed to that city.

It will first do a "Ping" test, sends a signal from itself to the selected city and to you to measure the distance between you and the selected city.

It will then perform a download speed test and then an upload speed test and display the resultsls.