FSU Gymkana Show Troupe

1971 Gymkana Show Dedication to:

Dr. Hartley O. Price

Dr. Hartley Price is the founder of the nationally famous Florida State Gymkana and served as its director for 23 years until his retirement during the past summer, Dr. Price came to Florida State from the University of Illinois, where in 11 years of coaching he produced six national championships in gymnastics. At FSU, he won five national team championships as varsity gymnastics coach.

Dr. Price also founded a gymnastics team for children, named it the Tallahassee Tumbling Tots, and brought it to national attention. He says, “The most rewarding experience I’ve ever had was founding the Tumbling Tots. I think it’s something that will prove to be of lasting good for a long time to come.”

Immediately following his retirement, Dr. Price received the title of Professor Emeritus in Physical Education from the University.

This year, we of Gymkana, proudly dedicate our show to the man who dedicated his life to the sport of gymnastics, the kangaroo coach (he was born in Australia) Dr. Hartley Price.

As it turned out, 1971 was the last Gymkana Show.


Hartley Price's vision of an acrobatic entertainment is realized in Cirque du Soleil!

It has been said both that,"Cirque du Soleil is Gymkana on steroids or is Gymkana with a decent budget."

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1952 Top (L-R): Bob Martin, Bill Roetzheim, Don Holder, Pat Signorelli, Alvin Ruda, Benny Wallace, Joe Regna, Carmine Regna

Bottom: Paula Rowe, Connie Holder, Emily Koon, Pat Payne

Karl Bishop & Don Hervig

Tables & Chairs


Practice and Rehearsal

Ann Eastham & Stu Goldberg practice their Adagio

Jim Fadigan rehearses the Gymkana dancers


Bob Martin, Balancing Chairs act, Unkn, Connie Holder and Pat Payne look on.

Living Statuary, a Hartley Price specialty every year.

Jamile Ashmore doing a one-arm handstand on the "sticks"


1952 Performing for Arlene Francis on the NBC Morning Show at Silver Springs