FSU Team Awards

Men's Team

The first collegiate team to win a national Championship in any sport from any College or University in the State of Florida

Nine FSU Olympians

The first FSU men's athletic team to win a NCAA National Championship

The FSU team defeated two different nation's Olympic Teams, Sweden twice, in 1954 & 1955 (in Tallahassee), and Cuba in 1956 (in Havana)


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1951 FIRST .,.,..,..,....... .. (Ann Arbor, Mich.)         1952 FIRST .............. (Boulder, Cob.)


1951 FIRST (Detroit, Mich,)       1953 FIRST (Chicago, III.)        1955 FIRST . (Rochester, N. Y.)


Florida’s First NCAA Championship


1952 First Place Team Trophy

Robert Perrone's Official Team & Individual Records

Some tough competitors checking out the competition!

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1954 FSU—50½ vs Swedish Olympic Team—45½

1955 FSU vs Swedish Olympic Team

1956 FSU vs Cuba

FSU vs Cuba Program

That is FSU's Beverley Cude on the program cover.

The Lecuona brothers, Fernando & Raphael, actually were on the Cuban team for this meet and not part of the FSU team.

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 (For most valuable team member)

1953 Bill Roetzheim

1954 Don Holder

1955 Jack Miles

1956 Jamile Ashmore

1957 Ronne Amster

1958 Lennart Malmin

1959 Chick Cicio

1960 Jack Ryder

1961 Bill Beavers

1962 Rick Miller

1963 Mitch Weinstock

1964 Guy Atkinson

1965 Bob Gramling

1966 Jon Culbertson

1966 Wayne Boylston

1967 Pete Noftz

1968 Don Hervig

1969 Terry Morris


Sammy Seminole

First, Dick Gutting

1958 Chick Cicio

1959 Jack Ryder

1960 Jack Ryder

1961 Joe Greene

1962 Joe Greene

1963 Rick Miller

1964 Bob Gramling

1965 Bob Gramling

1966 Barry Rowers

1967 Don Hervig

1968 Don Hervig

1969 Don Hervig

1970 Bob White

See Sammy's Incarnations


Women's Team

The first FSU women's team to win a national championship

Hartley Price Award

(Most Valuable Team Member)

1963 Gail Sontgerath

1964 Gail Sontgerath

1965 Gail Sontgerath

1966 Gail Sontgerath

1967 Bette Haas

1968 Sharon Kneedle

1969 Jane Fortenberry

1970 Sandy Phillips