Contemporary Activities

Jamile & Barbara Ashmore, Mirek & Ann Ceska- October 2010:

The last weekend in October, Jamile and I were in Prague with Mark Shaw, the President of American Athletic, Inc. on our way home from the FIG Congress that was held in Vysoke Tatra, Slovakia. On our way home we planned a stop in Prague so we could spend some time with Mirek and Ann Ceska. As you know, Mirek was on the FSU gymnastics team. He asked me to forward these photos of us in Prague for you to post on the website. They are attached. Use the ones you want.

Pat Signorelli - Oct. 19, 1927 - July 1, 2010:

We were informed in August by Don Holder that his long time friend and former teammate Pat Signorelli passed away on July 1, 2010. Pat and Don Holder had been friends and teammates from their high school years in Jersey City, NJ, and on to FSU and afterward.


Patrick F. Signorelli - Oct. 19, 1927 - July 1, 2010




Don & Connie Holder with Pat Signorelli