FSU Gymnastics Team Chronology

1947 - The Florida legislature creates Florida State University from the Florida State College for            Women

1948 - Hartley Price comes to FSU from the University of Illinois as Gymnastics coach

           First FSU Gymkana show, a trampoline exhibition by showman Larry Griswald to            introduce gymnastics to FSU and the City of Tallahassee

           Bill Roetzheim competes in the Olympics in London for the University of Illinois            at Navy Pier

           Raphael & Fernado Lecuona both represent Cuba in the Olympic games. Raphael            will enroll at FSU in 1952 and Fernado in 1956. Raphael will continue to represent Cuba            in the Olympic and Pan Am Games through 1956

1949- Bill Roetzheim follows Price from Illinois and enrolls at FSU when Illinois decides he will            have sit out copetition for a year if he enrolls on the main campus.

           Joe Calvetti, 1948 Horizonatal Bar champion also follows Price from Illinois to FSU

           First student Gymkana show, Gymstraganza, the second annual show at FSU

           Price organizes the Tallahassee Tumbling Tots to help supply future competeitors

1950 - Second student Gymkana show, Moonlight Bay, the third annual show at FSU.

1951 - FSU gymnast bring first NCAA national championships to the state of Florida winning            the team first place award at the Ann Arbor and the NAAU team award at Detroit

           Third student Gymkana show, Playland U. S. A.

           The Freshman team has future champions Dick Gutting, Pat Signorelli, Jack Miles,            Larry Weston, Scott Stanton, Jack Sharp, Joe Gusic.

1952 - Men's team wins a third national championship, NCAA Team first place in Boulder

          Three FSU students are in the Olympics Bill Roetzheim, Don Holder and Raphael           Lecuona. Bill and Don for the USA and Raphael again represents Cuba at the games

           Labor Day, Scott Stanton drowns in Wakulla Springs while staging an underwater            swim show for friends.

1953 - Men's team wins a fourth national championship, NAAU Team first place in Chicago

           Paula Rowe, Ann Tucker, Connie Holder, Frances Stokes, Dorothy Rich, Barbara            Ann Vickers, Barbara Rynski, and Gladys Calvetti form the first women's team in the            south. They enter the NAAU drill team competition. When they win first place they            follow the men in securing the first women's national championship to the state of            Florida. They also experience the rath of Dr. Katie Montgomery, see the letter and the            Holder's memories

           The city of Tallahassee's Parks and Recreation program takes over the Tallahassee            Tumbling Tots when it became too large for Price and FSU to maintain

           After Scott Stanton died Price created the "Scott Stanton, Most valuable team member            award." Bill Roetzheim was the first recipient in 1953.

1954 - Men's team defeats the the Swedish Olympic team in Tallahassee during their US tour.

1955 - Men's team wins a fifth national championship, NAAU Team first place in Rochester

           Men's team defeats the the Swedish Olympic team in Tallahassee during their second US            tour

           Don Holder and Jack Miles become the first FSU students to make the U. S. Pan-Am            team. Raphael Lecuona was also at the games again representing Cuba.

1956 - Men's team defeats the Cuban Olympic team in Havana

           Jack Miles qualifies for the Olympic squad as an alternate. Raphael Lecuona represents            Cuba in the games another time.

1960 - Gail Sontgerath competes as a member of the Olympic team

1961 - The gymnastic team becomes FSU Gymkana "club" status when the atheletic department            dicontinues it's varsity status and athletic scholarships for gymnastics.

1976 - Carrie Englert becomes the first Tallahassee Tumbling Tot to make the Olympic Team 27            years after Dr, Hartley Price started the Tots program

1980 - Ron Galimore, the second Tallahassee Tumbling Tot to become an Olympian and he was            also the first black Olympic gymnast. Edward Jonas was his first gymnastics instructor            and he was also coached/mentored by Jack Miles for several years.

1988 - Brandy Johnson is the third Tallahassee Tumbling Tot and Olympian.